Congratulations Robert Whittaker

May 28, 2013 18:07 by MMA Admin

We would like to congratulate Aussie Robert Whittaker for his impressive win over Colton Smith.

Colton Smith who was also a winner of his season of the Ultimate Fighter had previously defeated highly regarded Mike Ricci in his finale.

It is safe to say that Robert dominated the fight, and despite his "controversial" strategy to fight with one arm down the risk paid off as he clinched a convincing victory. It was apparent by Colton's bloodied face that despite losing by TKO he was soundly beaten and throughout the fight was unable to enter his comfort zone by taking Whittaker to the ground and holding him down.

This was an impressive win for Robert against a tough opponent and we are excited for his future in the UFC. In general exciting times ahead as fellow Aussie Soa Palelei has been re-signed by the UFC and hopes to redeem his past efforts.

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